Daniel Kramer

From Project Mailer

Daniel Kramer is a photographer and film director whose portraits and picture stories have been widely published in major magazines, books, album covers and corporate reports worldwide for five decades. His photographs are collected privately and by museums and have been exhibited by such museums as the George Eastman House, The National Portrait Gallery and The Whitney Museum of American Art. His films include documentaries, commercials and educational films. His 1967 book, Bob Dylan, with 140 photographs describes his association with Bob Dylan, and was the first major work about the artist. Kramer’s numerous awards include a Gold Medal from the Art Directors Club of Washington, DC; awards from the Art Directors Club of New York, a Publishers Design Award, an Atlanta Film Festival Medal and a Bob Dylan album cover Grammy nomination. Throughout his career, Mr. Kramer has taught, lectured and conducted numerous workshops and has worked closely with his wife and partner, Arline Cunningham.