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This year’s keynote address was funded by a generous donation from Mashey Bernstein.
This year’s keynote address was funded by a generous donation from Mashey Bernstein.
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17th Annual Norman Mailer Conference
Mailer on Politics, Public Life, and Pop Culture
Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, PA
October 10-12, 2019



Business Meeting (Breiseth 107)


The Politics of American Democracy: Bob Begiebing, “Mailer and the Founders”; Robert Saxe, “‘A Little Better Than They Should Have Been’: Norman Mailer and the Romance of the Kennedys”; Alex Hicks, “Norman Mailer, White Working Class Male and ‘Left Conservatism’”; Moderator: Nicole DePolo (Breiseth 106)


Session #1: Mailer in the Public Eye: Matthew Hinton, “The Pugilist vs. The Publisher: Norman Mailer Takes On”; Chondell Villines, “Mailer and Celebrity”; Bill Lowenberg, “Mailer: A Life in Pictures”; Moderator: Robert Saxe (Breiseth 107)

Session #2: Philosophical Foundations & Political Connections: Raj Chandarlapaty, “The Hipster”; Alex Hicks, “Mailer’s Marxist Politics”; Ann von Mehren, “Armies of the Night, Mitch Goodman, and the CPA”; Moderator: Jerry Lucas (Breiseth 106)


Lunch on Your Own


Session #1: Mailer and Journalism: Jason Mosser, “Mailer’s Literary Journalism in Context”; Sal Fallica, “In the Red Light: History Biding Its Time”; Victor Peppard, “Mailer and Breslin: Champions of the Little Man and the Outlaw”; Moderator: Phil Sipiora (Breiseth 107)

Session #2: Of a Fire on the Moon After 50 Years: Carol Holmes-Alpern, “Of a Fire on the Moon: A Retrospective”; Walter Lewallen, “That Sinking Feeling”; Moderator: Enid Stubin (Breiseth 106)


Current Mailer Projects: Mike Lennon; Jerry Lucas; Susan Mailer; Maggie McKinley (Breiseth 106)


Book Reading: Susan Mailer, In Another Place (Breiseth 107). Book Signing to Follow in Weckesser Hall at Opening Reception.


Opening Reception (Weckesser Hall), sponsored by Wilkes Maslow Family Creative Writing Program and the University Advancement Office


Tour of Mailer Reading Room and Collection and Dedication of Nancy Ellen Craig’s Mailer Portrait (Farley Library, 2nd Floor)

Dinner on your own



Mailer and McLuhan: Nicole DePolo; Jerry Lucas; Sal Fallica (Breiseth 106)


Norman Mailer and the Actor’s Studio: John Buffalo Mailer; Timothy Nolan; Mike Lennon (Breiseth 107)


Session #1: Mailer and Violence: Mark Olshaker; Marc Triplett; Maggie McKinley (Breiseth 106)

Session #2: Mailer’s French Connection: Jeanne Fuchs, “Mailer in Translation”; Jason Mosser, “Mailer and Malaquais in Conversation”; Mike Lennon, “Mailer and Stendhal”; Moderator: Victor Peppard (Breiseth 107)


Lunch on Your Own; Board Meeting & Lunch in Miller Room, Henry Student Center


Session #1: Advertisements and Influences: Enid Stubin, “Advertisements for Myself: Mailer’s Workes”; Ray Vince, “Angst, Authorship, and the Critics: Advertisements, ‘The Snows of Kilimanjaro,’ and ‘The Crack-Up’”; Erik Nakjavani, “Limit Situations: A Recurring Theme in Hemingway’s and Mailer’s Works”; Moderator: Jason Mosser (Breiseth 106)

Session #2: Art and Criminality: James Taylor, “Mailer and Jack Henry Abbott Revisited: Some Famous Writers and Their Convict Projects”; Phil Sipiora; “Literary Rhetoric in The Executioner’s Song”; Edward Birzin, “Mailer and The Faith of Graffiti”; Moderator: Matthew Hinton (Breiseth 107)


The Executioner’s Song: A 40th Anniversary Panel Discussion, with featured speaker Larry Schiller; Moderator: Mike Lennon (Breiseth 107)


Dinner on your own


Screening of The Executioner’s Song, followed by Q&A with Larry Schiller (Dorothy Dickson Darte Center for the Performing Arts, South St.)



Undergraduate Work on Mailer: John Buffalo Mailer and Nicole DePolo (Breiseth 106)


Two Films on Beverly Bentley: Stephen Mailer’s “Flaubrucht: A Celebration of Life” and Antonia Colodro’s “Beverly”; Introduced by Stephen Mailer (Breiseth 107)


Wilkes Readers’ Theater: The Time of Our Time (Breiseth 106): Bonnie Culver, Wendy Hinton, Matthew Hinton, Jason Miller and Jan Quackenbush


Luncheon & Keynote Address: Maggie Mailer (Henry Student Center Ballroom, 2nd Fl.)

This year’s keynote address was funded by a generous donation from Mashey Bernstein.