The Mailer Review/Volume 14, 2020/Reflections

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This year we have marshaled on with the production of the Review, although the turbulence has continued unabated, as it has been for our readers. I am very proud that our staff has worked selflessly in assembling Volume 14, especially Mike Shuman, Chondell Villines, and Shannon Zinck. They have my profuse gratitude.

This issue includes memorial tributes to two individuals important in the life of Norman Mailer: Beverly Bentley and Chris Busa. Beverly Bentley was an acclaimed theatre and film actor and was Norman Mailer’s fourth wife, mother of Michael and Stephen. Chris Busa was the heralded publisher and editor of Provincetown Press, which he launched in 1985. Beverly and Chris will remain in the hearts and memories of those fortunate to have known them.

Our series connecting Mailer with other writers continues as Robert Begiebing explores Mailer’s links with Ralph Waldo Emerson in a close reading of Lipton’s Journal, Mailer’s self-examination journal compiled in 1954–55. Raymond Vince considers Mailer’s foci—particularly tradition, narrative, myth, and skepticism—as powerful connections to Joseph Conrad’s major fiction. We are pleased to publish three interviews, which collectively offer an eclectic range of perspectives into Mailer Studies. In 1979, Legs McNeil interviewed Mailer on a range of topics, ranging from the creative spirit to literary giants. In 1983, J. Michael Lennon engaged Norman Mailer and his relationship and perspectives on the life and work of James Jones. In 2020, Maggie Mailer, President of The Norman Mailer Society, graciously participated in a discussion of her scholarly life.

I would like to thank our readers for your enthusiasm and support over fourteen volumes, which could never have been brought to life without you. It has been a remarkable journey.