Welcome to Project Mailer, the Digital Humanities initiative of the Norman Mailer Society.

This website serves as a hub for the digital endeavors of the Norman Mailer Society. It features an overview of projects — both analog and digital — undertaken by the Society’s members.

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Works & Days

Project Mailer's first Digital Humanities initiative. Norman Mailer: Works & Days is a database of cross-referenced entries about Mailer's life and primary work. Currently in beta. #MailerWD

The Norman Mailer Society

Visit the official web site of the Norman Mailer Society to join the Society, read news, see updates, and get all the current information about our annual conference. #JoinNMS

The Mailer Review

The Mailer Review publishes articles, notes, creative works, interviews, cultural / biographical commentary, images, and book reviews relevant to the life and work of Norman Mailer. #MailerReview

J. Michael Lennon

President and official biographer of Norman Mailer, J. Michael Lennon's official web site. Get information about Lennon's publications and appearances.

The NMS Podcast

Hosted by Justin Bozung and published twice monthly, The Norman Mailer Society Podcast highlights the people and projects that promote the legacy of Norman Mailer. #MailerCast

Norman Mailer Publication

Norman Mailer helped shape the culture of twentieth-century America. Original and reprinted posts about and inspired by this American literary icon. #MailerPub

Teaching Norman Mailer

A collection for resources on teaching Norman Mailer on Medium. We publish syllabi, lessons, discussions, and other posts related that promote Mailer’s presence in the classroom. #TeachMailer

Social Media

Interested in keeping up with the Norman Mailer Society and Project Mailer? You can now do so through your favorite social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Instagram.