Michael Millgate

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Michael Millgate was born in England, studied at the universities of Cambridge, Michigan, and Leeds, and taught at Leeds for six years before moving to Canada in 1964, first to York University, Toronto, and then, in 1967, to the University of Toronto, retiring as University Professor of English Emeritus in 1995. Following early writings on American literature, including American Social Fiction (1964) and The Achievement of William Faulkner (1966), he has worked primarily on Thomas Hardy, editing or co-editing a wide range of documentary materials, including The Collected Letters of Thomas Hardy (7 vols., 1978–88), and writing such critical and biographical studies as Thomas Hardy: His Career as a Novelist (1971), Thomas Hardy: A Biography (1982), Testamentary Acts: Browning, Tennyson, James, Hardy (1992), and Thomas Hardy: A Biography Revisited (2004).