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Once you are comfortable with the editing basics, you can move on to these more advanced editing techniques.

When I say “advanced,” most of the below are not much more difficult than the editing basics, but most are simply used less frequently. Some of these have more variables and offer more coding-level control of pages. Most volunteer editors will likely use little from this page, but it is here as a reference in case you encounter any issues or would like to learn more about editing MediaWiki.







Magic words

Managing files

Moving (renaming) a page


Deletion and undeletion

Protected pages



For an overview of referencing, see Help:Cite. Project Mailer uses citation templates for works cited, see Help:Citation Style 1, and Harvard citation style for in-text citations, see Template:Harvard citation and shortened footnotes. Referencing can become complicated quickly with all of the options that MediaWiki offers. However, beginning with a works cited section that lists all references using templates, like Template:Cite book for a book, another section may be used for the in-text citations that use the shortened footnote form. See Wikipedia Sourcing for more.

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