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[[File:Mr-10.png|thumb|Volume 10 (2016)]]
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'''''The Mailer Review''''' is a print journal published annually by the [[Norman Mailer Society]] and co-sponsored by the University of South Florida and The Norman Mailer Society. Digital Edition by Project Mailer.
<gallery mode=packed heights=450px>
File:MR15.jpg|[[The Mailer Review/Volume 15, 2021|Volume 15 (2021)]]
File:MR14.jpg|[[The Mailer Review/Volume 14, 2020|Volume 14 (2020)]]
File:MR13.jpeg|[[The Mailer Review/Volume 13, 2019|Volume 13 (2019)]]
File:MR12.jpg|[[The Mailer Review/Volume 12, 2018|Volume 12 (2018)]]
File:MR11.jpg|[[The Mailer Review/Volume 11, 2017|Volume 11 (2017)]]
File:Mr-10.png|[[The Mailer Review/Volume 10, 2016|Volume 10 (2016)<br />10th Anniversary Issue]]
File:MR09.jpg|[[The Mailer Review/Volume 9, 2015|Volume 9 (2015)<br />''Maestro'']]
File:MR08.png|[[The Mailer Review/Volume 8, 2014|Volume 8 (2014)<br />Future Bound]]
File:MR07.jpg|[[The Mailer Review/Volume 7, 2013|Volume 7 (2013)<br />''A Double Life''<br />''Mind of an Outlaw'']]
File:MR06.jpg|[[The Mailer Review/Volume 6, 2012|Volume 6 (2012)<br />Why Mailer Matters]]
File:MR05.jpg|[[The Mailer Review/Volume 5, 2011|Volume 5 (2011)<br />Norris Mailer:<br />a Life in Words]]
File:MR04.jpg|[[The Mailer Review/Volume 4, 2010|Volume 4 (2010)<br />Literary Warriors]]
File:MR03.jpg|[[The Mailer Review/Volume 3, 2009|Volume 3 (2009)<br />Beyond Fiction]]
File:MR02.jpg|[[The Mailer Review/Volume 2, 2008|Volume 2 (2008)<br />Norman Mailer:<br />In Memorium]]
File:MR01.jpg|[[The Mailer Review/Volume 1, 2007|Volume 1 (2007)<br />Inaugural Issue]]
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== Submission Guidelines ==
The ''Mailer Review'' publishes articles, notes, creative works, interviews, cultural/biographical commentary, images, and book reviews relevant to the life and work of [[Norman Mailer]]. We also publish work in other areas of relevance.
Please send inquiries to the editor:
[[Phillip Sipiora]]<br />
Department of English, CPR 107<br />
University of South Florida<br />
4202 E. Fowler Ave.<br />
Tampa FL 33620–5550<br />
(editor [at] mailerreview [dot] org)
All critical approaches are welcome. An editorial committee reviews unsolicited manuscripts. Book reviews are assigned by the editor. Submissions must be transmitted to the Editor as Microsoft Office Word .doc or .docx attachments. Authors should follow MLA Handbook, Seventh edition, for documentation style.
== Subscriptions ==
Issue rates: individuals, libraries, colleges, and universities in the US Postal Zones are $25 per issue. All foreign mailings, individual and institutional, are $32 per issue. Payment by [https://www.paypal.me/mailersociety PayPal] or check made out to The Norman Mailer Society and mailed to Jason Mosser, Treasurer.
American subscribers should make out a check to The Norman Mailer Society. Foreign subscribers should send an international money order made out to The Norman Mailer Society. We accept Paypal. Subscriptions mailed to:
The Norman Mailer Society<br />
c/o [[Jason Mosser]], Treasurer<br />
3825 Lavista Road, F3<br />
Tucker, GA  30084<br />
treasurer [at] normanmailersociety [dot] org
Single issues may be purchased for $25, sent to Jason Mosser. All payments must be made in US dollars. The ''Mailer Review'' is included with a membership to the Norman Mailer Society.
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[[Category:Mailer Review]]

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To access the issue, click the text below the image.

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