Teon Blake Jr.

Teon Blake Jr. was born in Brooklyn, New York, and is a th grade honor roll student. Teon is well known by his family, friends, and peers to stand out. He enjoys being creative and his unique style captures audiences of all ages. He spends most of his time drawing and writing as well as creating comic books. When he was asked by Horizons if he would like to participate in a writing contest, he was enthusiastic. One of the biggest reasons for his enthusiasm was knowing he could incorporate anti-bullying themes into his writing. The theme inspired him to think beyond his imagination. As a -year-old on the verge to entering his teens, Teon has always tried to practice anti-bullying to the best of his ability. He doesn’t like when kids are picked on, therefore, he figured this would be the perfect opportunity to send a message to bullies about how their actions affect others. This was how “Kelen Saved the Day!” came about. As he continues his journey writing and drawing, Teon hopes to one day become a published author and Illustrator of books. His parents are extremely proud.

Written by Teon Blake Jr.