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Article Assignments

You will need to request an article and user name for Project Mailer by emailing editor; follow the directions on Remediating Articles. You may click the link to your article below to begin your edits. Status indicators in the ? column:  Y = complete;  Y = in process;  N = not started.

# Author Article Editor ?
1 Shuman When Genres Collide -  N
2 Sipiora On the State of Mailer Studies: A Conversation with J. Michael Lennon -  N
3 Mailer Prism Break -  N
4 Culver NORRIS -  N
5 Lennon Interview with Susan Mailer, author of In Another Place: With and Without My Father, Norman Mailer -  N
6 Vince Angst, Authorship, Critics: “The Snows of Kilimanjaro,” “The Crack-Up,” Advertisements for Myself -  N
7 Fuchs Mailer in Translation: The Naked and the Dead -  N
8 Mosser Mailer and Thompson on the Campaign Trail, 1972 -  N
9 Begiebing Addendum to Lipton’s Journal -  N
10 Stewart The Savage Poet—Unlocking the Universe with Metaphor -  N
11 Peppard Jimmy Breslin’s Run to Win -  N
12 Ren “Her Problems Were Everyone’s Problems”: Self and Gender in The Deer Park -  N
13 Nakjavani Attachment, Abandonment, and Reconciliation: A Psychoanalytic Review of Susan Mailer’s Memoir as Bildungsroman -  N
14 Lucas Searching for Home -  N
15 Lowenburg When We Were Kings: Review and Commentary -  N
16 Dalziel More Than The Dead Know -  N
17 Balbert Tremulation on the Ether: Versions of Instinctual Primacy in the Essays of D.H. Lawrence -  N
18 Brown Silent Night -  N
19 Guffey Cents -  N
20 Schreck Request -  N
21 Rhodes In Perpetuity
Under Hell
-  N
22 Centrano Remember the Alamo
The Child
All the Same
Bedroom Light
Here, Now
-  N
23 Hicks Two Roads Wonder in a Wood -  N
23 Zinck Norman Mailer Bibliography: 2019 -  N
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