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Welcome to the digital Humanities project, AAD Expanded. This page will facilitate the discussion on the development of this project, beginning in the spring of 2019.


This project aims to create a critical and cultural context around the composition and subsequent reaction to Norman Mailer’s novel An American Dream. It will begin with J. Michael Lennon’s 2004 Norman Mailer's Letters on An American Dream, 1963–1969. Additional interviews, reviews, essays, and miscellany will be added as they are collected, permissions cleared, and digitized.


Participation requires:

  1. An account on Project Mailer. This cannot be created by users, but must be done by the editor, Gerald R. Lucas. Send him an email requesting an account (please include the username you would like).
  2. Access to original documents. Original documents are stored on Google Drive. Please request access using your Google account. There will be numerous source documents we will be working with on this project.

To Do

Spring 2019

  • Norman Mailer's Letters on An American Dream, 1963–1969[1]
    • Introduction
    • 76 letters[2]
    • 4 Appendices, including a bibliography and timeline
  • Add notes and other research, like identifying important people, events, publications, etc.
  • Add navbox
  • Finalize design
  • Add support pages



Translating this book from print to digital will be our primary objective for the spring 2019. Here are some things we have to decide:

Should each letter have its own page? I’m leaning toward yes here.

How should each page be named so each is unique? I think subpages would be the way to go here, like Structured Vision, but then what do we call each page? “To: So and So”, like: Norman Mailer's Letters on An American Dream, 1963–1969/To: Eiichi Yaminishi? What do we do when we have more than one letter to Eiichi Yaminishi? Should we add the date? Norman Mailer's Letters on An American Dream, 1963–1969/To: Eiichi Yaminishi (November 25, 1963) It’s beginning to get unwieldy. Suggestions?

How should they be formatted? I.e., how should they appear on the screen? I think we should create a navbar to link them. Other ideas? Check out WD entries for ideas.

What will be our category schema?


  1. We might take some design and organization ideas from Barry H. LeedsThe Structured Vision of Norman Mailer.
  2. Should they each have a page? How should they be named so each is unique? Formatted? Cross-referenced or linked? Categorized? Etc...