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  • {{Big|''Deaths for the Ladies (and Other Disasters)''. New York: Putnam’s, 30 March; sim ...s own passions, New York, the true capital of the Twentieth Century. And ''Deaths for the Ladies'' was like a small sea breeze running through some of those
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  • ...ompanied by his poem about Provincetown, “The Harbors of the Moon,” from ''Deaths for the Ladies (and Other Disasters)'' ([[62.3]]). Franklin Center, Pa.: Fr * {{cite book |last=Duguid |first=Scott |date=2010 |chapter=From Egypt to Provincetown, By Trump Air: Modernist History and th
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  • ...n or inscribe and then she will have a complete set, save for a first of ''Deaths for the Ladies'' and the 35-cent copy of “The White Negro,” both of whi ...y written memoir,'' A Ticket to the Circus, ''published by Random House in 2010. Besides seeing her extended family regularly, she insisted on going out fo
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  • ...e courage, adventurous physical appetite, and singular style.”{{sfn|Shuman|2010|p=102}} And yet the concept of masculinity both writers shared was even in ...ath wish: as a frequent flyer for his company, he fantasizes about violent deaths in mid-air collisions; Marla states as her philosophy of life that she can
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  • ...65.7]]), and consideration of ''The Armies of the Night'' ([[68.8]]) and ''Deaths for the Ladies (and Other Disasters)'' ([[62.3]]). ...te book |editor-last=Whalen-Bridge |editor-first=John |editor-mask=1 |date=2010 |title=Norman Mailer's Later Fictions: Ancient Evenings through Castle in t
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