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The Norman Mailer Society holds an annual conference that brings members together from all over the world. Activities include paper presentations, panel discussions, film viewings, and more — centered around the life and work of Norman Mailer.

No. Year Location Dates Theme Information
20 2023 Austin, TX April 20–22 Mailer’s Centenary Celebration Conference Page
19 2022 Long Branch, NJ June 8–10 “The Prisoner of Sex” Turns 50: Mailer on Gender and Sexuality Conference Page; Program
18 2020 Virtual Oct 15–17 Mailer and the Spirit of Democracy Conference Page; Program
17 2019 Wilkes-Barre, PA Oct 10–12 Mailer on Politics, Public Life, and Pop Culture Conference Page; Program
16 2018 Macon, GA Oct 25–27 50th Anniversary of The Armies of the Night;
70th Anniversary of The Naked and the Dead
Conference Page; Program
15 2017 Sarasota, FL Oct 26–28 - Conference Page; Program
14 2016 Long Branch, NJ Sept 28–Oct 1 Return to Long Branch Conference Page; Program
13 2015 Provincetown, MA Sept 30–Oct 3 - Program
12 2014 Wilkes-Barre, PA Oct 26–28 Norman Mailer: Continuing His Legacy Conference Page; Program
11 2013 Sarasota, FL Oct 23–27 Norman Mailer at 90: Novelist, Journalist, Essayist, Filmmaker, and much more Program
10 2012 Provincetown, MA Oct 10–13 Norman Mailer: Achievements and Paradoxes Program
9 2011 Austin, TX Nov 9–12 Mailer and Jones Program coming soon
8 2010 Sarasota, FL Nov 4–6 Mailer and Hemingway Program
7 2009 Washington, DC Oct 23–24 Washington Intersections: Ideology, Culture, and Biography Program
6 2008 Provincetown, MA Oct 16–19 Norman Mailer: Memory and the Afterlife Program
5 2007 Provincetown, MA Oct 11–14 Mailer the Novelist Program
4 2006 Provincetown, MA Oct 12–14 The Political Norman Mailer Program
3 2005 Provincetown, MA Nov 5–6 - Program coming soon
2 2004 Provincetown, MA Nov 12–13 - Program
1 2003 Brooklyn, NY Nov 1 Inaugural Conference Program
½ 2002 Cambridge, MA May 22 ALA Meeting -
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