Mary Jane Shoultz, December 11, 1963

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142 Columbia Heights
Brooklyn 1, New York
December 11, 1963

Dear Mary Jane,[1]

I’m buried in mail today so this is just a line to ask you to let me know what you think of the first installment of the serial, which should be out about the time you get this letter. That is, if you have the time in your own busy life. How is Ray? I take it he’s completely recovered. I certainly hope so. Don’t worry about the delay at Random House and Esquire. Those places take forever.

Best for now,
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  1. Mailer’s letter to Mary Jane Shoultz, acquaintance with Ray Shoultz, confirms the fact that Esquire usually appeared approximately two weeks before its cover date. It also demonstrates his eagerness for feedback on the opening installment.