Gerald R. Lucas

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Gerald R. Lucas is a Professor of English at Middle Georgia State University and the editor of Project Mailer. He serves as Vice-President of the Norman Mailer Society, the Digital Editor of The Mailer Review, and the Society’s webmaster. In 2014, he was a Norman Mailer Fellow where he first theorized and proposed Project Mailer. Recently, Lucas acted as the editor for J. Michael Lennon and Donna Pedro Lennon’s expanded and updated Norman Mailer: Works and Days, and he created and maintains the digital Humanities project based on the same.

Gerald R. Lucas

Selected Publications

  • Lucas, Gerald R. (Fall 2016). "Every You, Every Me". The Mailer Review. 10 (1): 482–505. Fiction.
  • Lennon, J. Michael; Lennon, Donna Pedro (2018). Lucas, Gerald R., ed. Norman Mailer: Works and Days (Revised and Expanded ed.). Atlanta: Norman Mailer Society. ISBN 9781732651906.
  • Lucas, Gerald R. (Fall 2011). "Norman Mailer and the Novel 2.0" (PDF). The Mailer Review. 5 (1): 248–263. Retrieved 2019-01-06.
  • — (Fall 2013). "Teaching Norman Mailer in the Cloud". The Mailer Review. 7 (1): 150–174.

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