An American Dream-Scene: Inside an Army Tent in Vietnam

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DATE OF REVIEW - 3/22/1965

AN AMERICAN DREAM By Norman Mailer Publisher - Dial Press, 1965

SCENE: Inside an Army Tent in

   Vietnam. Tent is lit by
   a gasoline lantern. (First)
   Soldier is sitting on Cot,
   writing letter. (Second)
   Soldier enters tent & sits
   on another cot, Reads An 
   American Dream for a minute,
   then speaks.
   (First soldier looks old enough 
    to have children. Second soldier
    can be younger.)
                                                          2nd Soldier: "Who you writing to?"
                                                          1st Soldier: "Judy and the kids. Watcha reading?"
                                                          2nd Soldier: "New novel by Norman Mailer, the guy that wrote
                                                                       The Naked and the Dead. You read that?"
                                                          1st Soldier: "I read it twice. Good book. Old Mailer knew the
                                                                       the army all right. This new thing any good?"
                                                          2nd Soldier: "I don't know for sure. I'm about halfway through
                                                                       it, and I can't figure out what he's trying to say
                                                          1st Soldier: "What's he call it? Is it as rugged as The Naked and the Dead?"

2nd Solder holds book up so first soldier can see 2nd Soldier: "Dad you know it. It's called An American Dream, cover and camera can show it.