[Transcript of Mailer interview with members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association] fall, 17 pp. In this exceptionally important interview, Mailer discusses all aspects of his film, Tough Guys Don’t Dance, as well as his ideas on morality, where he lives, the occult, Jean-Luc Godard, the appeal of film to the unconscious, feminism and many other topics. He also announces, perhaps for the first time, that his novel-in-progress is about the CIA. The following note to Judith McNally, Mailer’s assistant, is written in pencil by Mailer on the title page: “Judith, Send to Mike Lennon. Mike—It’s hopelessly garbled by whoever transcribed it—and I’m probably guilty too, but I send it off to you for your sense of a complete dossier on interviews.” See 84.17, 1986 and 1987 entries.