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An American Dream Expanded Bibliography Letters Timeline Word Count Comparison Credits  

An American Dream. New York: Dial, 15 March. London: Deutsch, 26 April. Novel, 270 pp., $4.95.

Dedication and acknowledgment: “To Beverly and to Michael Burks; an appreciation to Anne Barry, Richard Baron, Walter Minton, Harold Hayes, Donald Fine and not least, Scott Meredith.” Mailer’s fourth wife, Beverly Bentley, is the woman pictured on the dustwrapper of the first edition. Rpt: First appeared, in a different form, in Esquire, January–August 1964 (64.264.9); partial in 98.7. See 63.13, 65.3, 65.5, 65.9, 65.11, 70.4, 70.14, 83.6.