53: Norman Mailer: Live from Philly 2007

In this piece of archival audio, Norman Mailer visits with an audience at the Central Library in Philly in 2007. For 60 minutes, Mailer chats about Hitler, television culture (his watching of American Idol), the Iraq War, Ernest Hemingway, and Bullshit Mountain. Mailer takes the audience through quite a range of contemporary discussion.

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NMS Podcast 49

This episode of the Norman Mailer Society podcast, host Justin Bozung features a late-60’s TV appearance of Norman Mailer where the author discusses Miami and the Siege of Chicago, Armies of the Night, as well as his most recent film-making ventures. Also, featured is a 1960 BBC review of Advertisements for Myself featuring a reading of excerpts from “The White Negro.”

NMS Podcast 42: Jerome Loving (Jack & Norman)

Author Jerome Loving comes to the NMS Podcast to talk with host Justin Bozung about his latest book, Jack & Norman (St. Martin’s Press, 2016).  The book explores the relationship of Norman Mailer and prison convict Jack Henry Abbott during the late ’70s when Norman Mailer was writing his Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Executioner’s Song.

NMS Podcast 41: Mailer Visits U-Penn

In this special episode of the Norman Mailer Society Podcast, host Justin Bozung brings yet another piece of wonderful Mailer audio to Project Mailer. Mailer, alongside his friend and first biographer Bob Lucid, sit down with students at U-Penn to discuss the nature of writing, Mailer’s latest book The Spooky Art, as well as boxing and his influential 1960’s novel An American Dream.