NMS Podcast 14: Lawrence Schiller

In this episode of the Norman Mailer Society Podcast, host Justin Bozung speaks with author/filmmaker Lawrence Schiller under very unusual circumstances about his collaboration with Norman Mailer on The Executioner’s Song book and film.

Bonus: Read Norman Mailer’s second draft (dated 4/1981) of his screenplay for The Executioner’s Song.  The screenplay features many scenes not included in later drafts of Mailer’s screenplay or in the final film as aired on NBC television in early November of 1982.

2015 Conference Program




All panels and presentations will be conducted at the Provincetown Inn unless otherwise noted.


7:00-9:00 p.m.

Informal Reception, (West End Lounge) Provincetown Inn



Business Meeting (MAYFLOWER)


Panel: Researching Mailer: Robert Begiebing (moderator), Justin Bozung, Nicole DePolo (MAYFLOWER)


  1. Panel: The White Negro: Three Approaches: Walter Lewallen, Jerry Lucas, Jason Mosser (PORCH CAFÉ)
  2. Panel: Adapting Armies:  Michael Chaiken, John B. Mailer, Michael Mailer, Albert LaFarge (moderator) (MAYFLOWER)


Lunch on your own (box lunches available / pre-order only)


Panel: The Prisoner of Sex Revisited: Robert Begiebing, Bonnie Culver, Michael Lennon (moderator) Maggie McKinley (MAYFLOWER)


Reading of Tough Guys Don’t Dance (directed by Bonnie Culver, Ken Vose), Provincetown Inn. Note: See end of program for reading schedule (PROVINCETOWN INN: FOR N AFT)


  1. Panel: Norman Mailer and Jewishness: Ezra Cappell, Michael Mailer, Barbara Wasserman, Maggie McKinley (moderator) (MAYFLOWER)
  2. “The Evolution of Mailer’s God”: Richard Priebe; “Lawrence’s Ursula and Mailer’s Kittredge”: Raymond Vince (PORCH CAFÉ)


  1. Panel: Reflections on Advertisements for Myself: Patricia Florio, Anne Henry, Dave Thomas, Gerald Lucas (moderator) (MAYFLOWER)
  2. “ ‘The Turd’: Norman Mailer and the Pollution of Language”: Nicole DePolo; “Norman Mailer’s Migration Toward Religious Socialism”: Danny Marroquin (PORCH CAFÉ)


Dinner on your own


Film: 1965 Swedish documentary: Michael Chaiken (MAYFLOWER)



  1. Panel: Wild 90: Justin Bozung, Michael Chaiken, Maggie McKinley, Nicole DePolo (moderator) (MAYFLOWER)
  2. Panel: The Spooky Art: Michael Lennon, Timothy Nolan, Phillip Sipiora


Reading of Tough Guys Don’t Dance (directed by Bonnie Culver, Ken Vose) Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum


Panel: The Digital Mailer:  Justin Bozung, Michael Chaiken, Michael Lennon (moderator), Jerry Lucas (MAYFLOWER)


  1. Panel: Norman Mailer and Psychology, Ezra Cappell (moderator); “The Influence of Reich on the Works of Norman Mailer”: Andrew Gordon; “A Practitioner Considers Her Father’s Psychological Ideas”: Susan Mailer; “Between Marxism and Existentialism: Mailer’s Critique of Freudian Psychoanalysis”: Erik Nakjavani (MAYFLOWER)
  2. Buckley and Mailer:  A reading by Kevin Schultz (PORCH CAFÉ)


Lunch on your own (box lunches available)


Walking Tour:  Christopher Busa (assembly point: home of Chris Busa, 650 Commercial Street)


Panel: The Deer Park at 60: Carol Holmes, Bernard Horn, Raymond Vince, Marc Triplett (moderator) (MAYFLOWER)


Panel: Mailer and J.F.K.: Joe Reubens, Larry Schiller, Nina Wiener, Michael Lennon (moderator) (MAYFLOWER)


Reading of Tough Guys Don’t Dance (directed by Bonnie Culver, Ken Vose,) Provincetown Library


  1. Panel: Tough Guys Don’t Dance (film) Revisited: Bonnie Barber, Justin Bozung, Christopher Busa, Michael Chaiken (moderator) (MAYFLOWER)
  2. Mailer and Periodicals: John Winters (moderator); “Mailer in the Magazines: Osiris Revisited”: Mark Noonan; “Mailer, Serialization and the Monetized Archive”: Gregory Specter; “Words by the Minute: Mailer’s Nonfiction in Magazines”: Daniel Worden (PORCH CAFÉ)


Dinner on your own



  1. Panel: Norman Mailer’s Short Fiction: Jeanne Fuchs, John B. Mailer, Victor Peppard, Phillip Sipiora (moderator) (MAYFLOWER)
  2. “Norman Mailer’s World War II Novel”: Rashidah Abu-Bakr; “Norman Mailer and Minorities”: Patrick Jehle (PORCH CAFÉ)


  1. Panel: The Executioner’s Song: Michael Lennon, Larry Schiller, Simon Singer (MAYFLOWER)
  2. Panel: Top Ten Things I learned from Norman Mailer: Peter Alson, Danielle Mailer, Elizabeth Mailer, Jeffrey Michelson (PORCH CAFÉ)


Remembering Barry Leeds: Marc Triplett (MAYFLOWER)


Luncheon: Keynote Speaker: Kate Mailer (HARBORVIEW)


Reading of “Two Mailers” by Ronald K. Fried; Actors: Ross Klavan, Maggie McKinley, Ken Vose (MAYFLOWER)


Dinner on your own



Board postmortem, (PORCH CAFÉ); Agenda:

  • Fundraising and Budget
  • Barry Leeds proposal
  • New logo proposal
  • 2016 Conference
  • Membership


Tough Guys Don’t Dance READER SCHEDULE:

PROVINCETOWN INN – 10/1 – 1:30 – 5:30 PM  ACT ONE – CHAPTERS 1-2-3

  • Tim – Ross Klavan
  • Patty Lareine – Dale Louise Mervine
  • Jessica Pond – Carol Lavelle
  • Regency – Bill Schneider
  • Lonnie Pangborn – Marc Triplett
  • Big Mac – Stephan Morrow
  • Spider – William Thelin
  • Mervyn Finney –  Raj Chandarlapaty
  • Tim’s Mom – Jeanne Fuchs
  • Dynamite – Justin Bozung
  • Frankie Freeloader – Jan Quackenbush
  • Stoodie – Justin Bozung
  • Hospital Orderly – Carol Lavelle
  • Another Man – Ken Vose


  • Tim – Matthew Hinton
  • Harpo – Daniel Marroquin
  • Regency – Bill Schneider
  • Pangborn – Marc Triplett
  • Madeline – Bonnie Culver
  • Wardley – Jan Quackenbush
  • Bolo – Ken Vose
  • Jessica – Carol Lavelle
  • Boxing Trainer – William Thelin
  • Big Mac – Stephan Morrow
  • Pete P – Marc Triplett
  • Beth – Dale Louise Mervine
  • Spider – William Thelin


  • Tim – John Buffalo Mailer
  • Big Mac – Stephan Morrow
  • Wardley – Jan Quackenbush
  • Regency – Bill Schneider
  • Madeline – Bonnie Culver
  • Patty – Cathy Hasse
  • Big Stoop- Andrew Gordon
  • Airport Ticket Girl – Dale Louise Mervine
  • Mr. Thwaite – Raj Chandarlapaty

NMS Podcast 13: Kevin Schultz

In this episode of the Norman Mailer Society Podcast, host Justin Bozung chats with Kevin Schultz, author of Buckley and Mailer: The Difficult Friendship That Shaped the Sixties, about Mailer and Buckley as metaphors for the turbulent 1960’s, Buckley’s views on civil rights,  as well as the author’s own introduction to Mailer’s work itself. Schultz’s book was published in 2015 via the publisher W. W. Norton & Company. This conversation with Schultz was recorded back in early July of this year.

Bonus: Listen to Norman Mailer and William F. Buckley discuss Mailer’s Pulitzer Prize-winning 1980 novel The Executioner’s Song on the NMS Web site.

NMS Podcast 12: Studs Turkel & NM

In this episode of the Norman Mailer Society Podcast, host Justin Bozung presents a 45-minute conversation between WFKW-Chicago radio host Studs Turkel and Norman Mailer. This broadcast originally went out across the Chicago airwaves on January 9th, 1971, and it features Mailer speaking candidly with Turkel about his (then) recently published book Of A Fire On The Moon as well as his notion of God, Devil, and death itself.

NMS Podcast 11: Democracy ’68 (Part 2)

In part two of this special two-part episode of the Mailer Society Podcast, host Justin Bozung presents a panel discussion about the political climate of 1968 in the United States. Fresh on the heels of the release of Armies Of The Night, Norman Mailer is joined by Herbert Marcuse and Arthur Schlesinger to discuss democracy in America as well as the then recent Columbia University student uprisings.

NMS Podcast 10: Democracy ’68 (Part 1)

Part One of a special and lengthy episode of the Norman Mailer Society Podcast. Host Justin Bozung uncovers a additional selection of rare audio associated with Norman Mailer. In this two-part episode, Norman Mailer is joined on stage in New York City by Herbert Marcuse and Arthur Schlesinger to discuss democracy in America as well as the then recent Columbia University student uprisings.

NMS Podcast: Episode 8

In this episode of The Norman Mailer Society Podcast, host Justin Bozung uncovers a selection of rare audio associated with Norman Mailer. From a writer’s symposium which occurred at the University of Iowa in 1959, Norman Mailer discussed the writer’s role in the culture of the late ’50s and is joined in commentary by Ralph Ellison and Dwight Macdonald.

Conference 2015 (#MailerConf15)

The 2015 Norman Mailer Society Conference will be held in Provincetown, Massachusetts, on September 30, October 1, 2, and 3.

The keynote speaker this year is writer and actor, Kate Mailer, the daughter of Norman Mailer and his third wife Lady Jeanne Campbell. She will speak at the Saturday, October 3rd luncheon.

Following up on last year’s successful all-day reading of An American Dream, directed by Ken Vose, and performed by over 20 members of the Society, this year Ken will direct a reading of Tough Guys Don’t Dance.

Because the conference is taking place earlier than in the past, the ferry from Boston’s Logan Airport will still be running; it’s a 90-minute trip.


Fee Information

Fees may be paid below, or by using the 2015 Conference Registration Form.

  • 2015 Individual Registration Fee: $125
  • 2015 Student Registration Fee: $ 50
  • 2015 Guest Fee $ 30



All Panel and Roundtable Presenters and Moderators must be members of the Norman Mailer Society. Each Presenter and Moderator must pay the respective registration fee listed above. Each Presenter and Moderator may bring a “guest” who must pay a Guest Fee of $30. The “guest” does not have to be a member.

If someone who is not a presenter or moderator and attends the conference, that person must be a member, must pay the respective registration fee, and can have a “guest” who must pay a Guest Fee of $30. The “guest” does not have to be a member.

If someone attends the conference alone and does not bring a “guest,” that person must be a member and must pay the respective conference fee.

A “guest” is defined as a spouse, brother/sister, mother/father, friend, companion, anyone who accompanies a paying attendee. Only 2015 Norman Mailer Society Members (and LIFE members) will receive a copy of the 2015 issue of The Mailer Review (a $25 value).

Hotel Information

The conference home will be the Provincetown Inn, but we hope to have readings, and presentations in other places in Provincetown, including the Fine Arts Work Center, The Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum, and the Provincetown Public Library.

For reservations call: 508-487-9500; say you are with The Norman Mailer Society.

Mid-Week Room Rates (Wednesday and Thursday)

  • Standard / $79
  • Standard Inn / $89
  • Waterview / $109

Weekend Room Rates (Friday and Saturday)

  • Standard / $109
  • Standard Inn / $119
  • Waterview / $139

These rates are per room, per night, single or double occupancy, subject to state and local taxes. Continental Breakfast is included. Additional persons sharing room $15 + tax, includes continental breakfast. Maximum 4 adults to a room. Full payment will be due at check in. This rate will be applicable with this form sent in advance or forms filled out by front desk at time of call. The above rates are being offered for the Norman Mailer Society with a cut-off date of September 19, 2015. Reservations received after this date are subject to regular pricing. All rooms are subject to availability on a first come, first serve basis.