Coming in Fall 2018: Revised Edition of Works and Days

“The veritable Rosetta Stone of Mailer criticism.” —Barry H. Leeds

The Norman Mailer Society announces the publication of

An Enlarged and Revised Edition


Norman Mailer: Works and Days


By J. Michael and Donna Pedro Lennon
Preface by Norman Mailer
Edited by Gerald R. Lucas

Limited signature edition: 40 copies (signed by Norman Mailer*) $200
Pre-publication price (before September 4, 2018): $150

All profits from the sale of this new edition will be donated to the Norman Mailer Society.

*Before his death in 2007, Mr. Mailer signed a quantity of bond paper with his signature, to be bound in special, posthumous editions of and about his work. He did so after learning that Mark Twain had done the same.

The first edition (490 copies) of Works and Days, published by Sligo Press, was selected as an “Outstanding Academic Title, 2000” by Choice Magazine. It sold out several years ago. This new edition will be published in three formats:

  1. as a signed, bound, limited edition;
  2. as a soft cover edition, to appear in 2019;
  3. as an etext, to appear in 2019; and
  4. as an online publication, available for free.


  • Preface by Norman Mailer
  • Introductions by J. Michael Lennon and Gerald R. Lucas
  • Works contains nearly 400 new entries, for approximately 1500 total, all corrected, annotated, and cross-referenced
  • Updated entries for each year, 1941-2016, are accompanied by at least one photograph (usually in color) of a Mailer publication, including many magazines
  • Days, the 38-page life chronology, is illustrated with 78 photographs, 25 in color
  • Expansion of the annotated secondary bibliography (over 400 entries)
  • Expanded number of citations of reviews (315) of and essays (177) on Mailer’s 31 most important books
  • Pertinent quotations from Mailer on each of his books

Praise for the first edition of Works and Days

“Future Mailer scholars will have to begin with Works and Days.” —John Whalen-Bridge

“The authors, noted Mailer experts and official archivists, have painstakingly traced and cross-referenced chronologically virtually everything of consequence ever written by Mailer; every interview with him; significant articles, reviews, and books about his work; a plethora of biographical facts; and pertinent, incisive quotations from Mailer regarding each of the books in his massive body of work. . . . This meticulous compilation is an indispensable research tool for any student or scholar of Mailer and U.S. literature, and is an essential acquisition for every library.” —B.H. Leeds, Choice Magazine, December, 2000.


To order, send a check (postmarked on or before September 4, 2018) for $150, plus $10 for postage and handling, made out to Norman Mailer Society, and mail to:

Jason Mosser
Treasurer, NM Society
3825 Lavista Road., F3
Tucker, GA 30043

Or simply pay via PayPal:

53: Norman Mailer: Live from Philly 2007

In this piece of archival audio, Norman Mailer visits with an audience at the Central Library in Philly in 2007. For 60 minutes, Mailer chats about Hitler, television culture (his watching of American Idol), the Iraq War, Ernest Hemingway, and Bullshit Mountain. Mailer takes the audience through quite a range of contemporary discussion.

Talk Show Advertisements

NMS Podcast 49

This episode of the Norman Mailer Society podcast, host Justin Bozung features a late-60’s TV appearance of Norman Mailer where the author discusses Miami and the Siege of Chicago, Armies of the Night, as well as his most recent film-making ventures. Also, featured is a 1960 BBC review of Advertisements for Myself featuring a reading of excerpts from “The White Negro.”

St. George Meets The Ramones

NMS Podcast 48

In this episode of the Norman Mailer Society podcast, host Justin Bozung talks with Mailer assistant Martha Thomases about The Executioner’s Song and Mailer’s run-in with the 1970s punk rock band, The Ramones. Also, featured is Mailer’s 1972 lecture to the “Student Apocalypse Society” at the University of Texas at Austin on the Republican and Democratic national conventions of earlier in the year.

Lennon on Mailer & Malaquais

NMS Podcast 47

In this episode of the Norman Mailer Society podcast, host Justin Bozung talks with J. Michael Lennon about Norman Mailer’s friendship with French writer Jean Malaquais, who was one of the writer’s greatest influences.  Often Mailer’s harshest critic, Malaquais served up a partial inspiration for Mailer’s landmark essay, “The White Negro.” The pair had a falling out in 1994 following a joint appearance on a French television series – which is also excerpted in this special episode.

Read “My Friend, Jean Malaquais,” Mailer’s introduction to The Joker by Jean Malaquais.

Throughout the next few months, Lennon and Bozung will be examining Mailer’s introductions, forewords, and prefaces written for such luminaries as Seymour Krim, Michael McClure, Eugene Kennedy, Abbie Hoffman and others.