NMS Podcast 46: Mike Lennon on Dwight Macdonald

In Episode #46 of the Norman Mailer Society podcast, host Justin Bozung and Mailer’s archivist, official biographer, and president of the Norman Mailer Society, J. Michael Lennon, discuss Norman Mailer’s friendship with literary critic and essayist Dwight Macdonald. In 1974, Mailer wrote “Introduction” for Macdonald’s Discriminations: Essays & Afterthoughts. This brief consideration not only reads as an affectionate honorarium to Macdonald, whom Mailer first met in 1949, but also tells of the influence the former editor of Partisan Review had on Mailer himself. Both men share a varied attack on style, but also focus, in the vein of Hemingway, on a means in which one can explore the “feel” of phenomena.

Read Mailer’s Introduction to Discriminations.

Throughout the remainder of 2017, Lennon and Bozung will be examining Mailer’s introductions, forewords, and prefaces written for such luminaries as Seymour Krim, Michael McClure, Eugene Kennedy, Abbie Hoffman and others.

NMS Podcast 42: Jerome Loving (Jack & Norman)

Author Jerome Loving comes to the NMS Podcast to talk with host Justin Bozung about his latest book, Jack & Norman (St. Martin’s Press, 2016).  The book explores the relationship of Norman Mailer and prison convict Jack Henry Abbott during the late ’70s when Norman Mailer was writing his Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Executioner’s Song.

NMS Podcast 41: Mailer Visits U-Penn

In this special episode of the Norman Mailer Society Podcast, host Justin Bozung brings yet another piece of wonderful Mailer audio to Project Mailer. Mailer, alongside his friend and first biographer Bob Lucid, sit down with students at U-Penn to discuss the nature of writing, Mailer’s latest book The Spooky Art, as well as boxing and his influential 1960’s novel An American Dream.

NMS Podcast 40: Mailer on Frost 1992

In this special episode of the Norman Mailer Society Podcast, host Justin Bozung brings out of the Mailer Archives this retrospective interview from 1992 between journalist David Frost and Norman Mailer. Conducted in New York City, Frost revisits Mailer’s ideas about sex and violence from the 1950s to see if they hold relevance for him in the 1990s.

NMS Podcast 39: Mailer For Mayor 1969

In this special episode of the Norman Mailer Society Podcast, host Justin Bozung presents a never before heard interview with Norman Mailer straight from the Mailer Archives.  This time around, Mailer sits down with Howard Smith from the Village Voice and his mayoral running mate of ’69, Jimmy Breslin, on the eve of their announcement to run in New York, to discuss with Smith their notion of the 51st State.

NMS Podcast 38: TGDD Press Conference 1987

In this final look back at Norman Mailer’s 1987 polarizing film Tough Guys Don’t Dance, host Justin Bozung unveils from the Mailer Archives a rarely-heard recording of the Mailer’s 1987 Cannes Film Festival Press Conference.   Here, Mailer encapsulates all of his views on cinema in discussion relating to his own film.  Alongside him, at the Cannes Festival are actress Deborah Sandlund, TGDD Producer Tom Luddy, and Cannon Films Exec Menahem Golan.

NMS Podcast 37: Death Is A Celebration: An Audio Documentary about Tough Guys Don’t Dance

Part 10 of 10

In this 10-hour re-broadcast, host Justin Bozung, alongside his co-host Aaron Graham, offer up a exhaustive scene-by-scene examination of Norman Mailer’s 1987 film, Tough Guys Don’t Dance.  In addition to exploring several of the key themes in both Mailer’s film and Mailer’s own 1984 novel of the same name, this detailed audio essay on Mailer’s aesthetic approach to cinema, Reaganism, hedonism, and existential dread also features commentaries by Mailer Archivist/Biographer J. Michael Lennon, and Mailer’s son John Buffalo Mailer. Additionally, further insights in this special are provided by Tough Guys Don’t Dance film actors: Frances Fisher, Stephan Morrow, John Synder, John Bedford-Lloyd, Wings Hauser as well as several of the crew members that worked under Mailer to produce this ever-polarizing work of cinematic art that blends Shakespeare with Film Noir and The Theatre of the Absurd on the big screen all at once.